For most of us, it is hard
to understand, we will one
day need help.

May that help be a result of injury, sudden illness or even experiencing life as an elder, do not let cost to be the deciding factor.

So, What
is Long term care?

Long term care is love.
This love, comes in all shapes and
sizes. And, lucky for you, so does long
term care insurance.

Do I have options To pay for care?

Yes. A variety of sources may be used when expenses do not qualify
under Medicare or personal health insurance.

1 For more information regarding benefits provided by Medicare or Medicaid (Medi-CAL in California) visit
Medicaid guidelines vary by state. Contact your local Medicaid office for details.
2 National Nursing Home Survey 2014, National Center for Health Statistics.
3 Cost of Care Survey, Genworth, June 2015.

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