Never depend on single income. Invest to create a second source!

Invest in an up-front commitment of capital to purchase financial products.

Typically the greater
the return potential of
a given investment, the
greater potential risk.

Investors should consider their own comfort
with risk, the length of time they have to invest,
the fees charged by the considered investments
and their ultimate goal.

Our suggestions generate future profit, based on interest or appreciation of the capital invested.

Be aware of the risk/return potential of any investment products considered and know possible risk.
Investors may lose part or all of the investment.

Investing is also about taking steps to protect your financial future.

Investors should develop a plan that addresses specific short- and long-term goals and
that can be maintained and adjusted, as appropriate.

On the road to financial independence, you don’t have to go it alone and risk making the
wrong projections. If you don’t have expertise in financial products and planning, a Financial Services
Representative can help you make educated decisions and develop a plan.

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